Monday, March 31, 2008

Whippet Idol Winners

Over 150 wonderful whippets entered the contest - through the random drawing from the food bowl I narrowed it down to our Top 20 - essays were written and your votes chose the Top 10 - fun bios were submitted and the voting began again. The campaigning for votes was fast and furious - old friends were contacted and new friends were made. Like all contests we had some ups and downs - x-rated photos of Tiny Trish were discovered on the Internet, some voting irregularities occurred, and lawyers were consulted. But we carried on and here are your results:

Introducing your whippet idols for 2008, drum roll please........

George and Snickers - a big congratulations to both of these awesome whippets and their families.

And similar to the turtle prize at race meets, I would also like to announce that the two whippets with the lowest amount of votes will also be receiving prizes. The winners of the bug prize (squeaky stuffed bugs) are: Ace and Jitterbug.

Thanks to all who participated. The four winners need to send their address to me at whipknits @ gmail. com (remove spaces) so I can have my Mom send out the prizes.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners! George and Snickers are fine whippets! Hey, do the rest of us still get to go on tour?

Anonymous said...