Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whippet Idol Contestants - The Boys

Thanks everyone for joining in for my Whippet Idol contest. Below are the photos and essays for the boy whippets in the Top 20. Please note that I cannot read or count so my Mom had to do a bit of editing to try and make the essays 50 words or less, but some are still a few words over. Also for those that sent in the info, I have put the photo credit. If you feel that any information in this post is incorrect - please e-mail me at whipknits @ gmail. com (remove spaces) and I will try to remedy the situation. The boys are listed below in the random order that they were picked out of the food bowl.

Afrika (Corandy Obsession Can Am FCh)

I deserve to be the Whippet Idol because I have the Best Ears in the World. With them I can hear a crumb hit the floor from the other side of the house. I also deserve to be Whippet Idol because I went to the vet's and got tutored so now I am the happiest guy in the world and love everyone.

Ace (Licketysplit Face the Wind)

I was born a lover. It was love at first sight. Everything I do, I do it with my "Love of Life Personality". I am a very handsome whippet. Although if you met me, you'll agree it’s not just my looks that win you over. It’s my heart.

George (George Rudd)

People can’t resist my sweet face and “happy butt.” My absolute favorite activities are flyball and couch-jumping. In flyball, I’ve even beaten the world’s fastest time, but dropped the ball – darn! I have adoring fans - even non-whippet people love unexpected hops in the lap and licks on the nose.

Pistol (Blarneystone's Y-Notz Top Gun SRM OTR)

My name is Pistol. I am a 4 year-old boy who races, but I should say I have trouble getting too far away from my Mum so I just straight race with my Mom at the finish line, after all I'm her #1 boy!! I'm really just a big softie.

Panther (Notorious Poeta Pantera WRChX, SORC, CD, RE, AX, AXJ, ADC, AgN, AgNJ, AV)

One word: LOVE. I LOVE everyone and everything! Puppies, people, the ladies, cleaning my friends' ears, beer & pizza, even the mailman! Mom calls me "Herbie the LOVE Bug" because my goal in life is to let everyone know how much I LOVE them. I am the next Whippet Idol because to know me is to LOVE me.

Wager (Ch Dengayles Place Your Bets)

Hey! I believe I have the characteristics of the perfect WHIPPET IDOL. I’m the ultimate mama’s boy, love to nap in the sun, and roll in stinky stuff! Plus, I’m very very good looking, especially with my “battle scar” from fighting that evil groundhog. Chicks dig scars. Vote for ME!!!

Alex (Spirit of Blue Lightning)

What makes me, Alex, a Whippet Idol? I believe it’s my exceptional fetching talents (ball and frisbee) combined with my incredible cuddling capabilities, sweet and loving disposition, remarkable running speed, sleek and striking rare blue coat, and handsome looks!! Oh… and I’m also a hit with the ladies!!

Calvin (Multi BIMBS UKC CH, AKC CH Templar Dir T Whisk E River)

Hi, my name is Calvin. You can see by my name that I am multi-talented. I even started lure coursing last fall. It was so much fun. My favorite things to do are to run, play, run, cuddle, and do anything with my mom and dad.
Photo by Laurie Erickson

Drambuie (Hound Hill Fire Water OTRM2 CRX2 ARX TRP FCh)

I Am A Race Dog!! I know you see the name, and you think show dog. My Mom always tells everyone I give 110%, and I think that must be pretty good, because I can see the pride in her eyes. I am 8 now. As Idol, I'll work to train youngsters.

Toby (BISS Can Ch Dreamwindz Howdoya Like Me Now)

I am a true Whip-pet. Independent until I need my servants to let me out or feed me. Love to cuddle but take it one step further and wrap myself around my servants’ necks. Very wise when it comes to escaping hence the agility of a Whippet. I'm also very fast.

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