Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whippet Idol Contestants - The Girls

Thanks everyone for joining in for my Whippet Idol contest. Below are the photos and essays for the girl whippets in the Top 20. Please note that I cannot read or count so my Mom had to do a bit of editing to try and make the essays 50 words or less, but some are still a few words over. Also for those that sent in the info, I have put the photo credit. If you feel that any information in this post is incorrect - please e-mail me at whipknits @ gmail. com (remove spaces) and I will try to remedy the situation. The girls are listed below in the random order that they were picked out of the food bowl.


I am a senior whippet with great wisdom. I have tried my paw at many venues ably handling my human and teaching her to live life fully, laugh, and make forever friends. Representing whippetdom, I’d spread the word about versatility encouraging whippets and their humans to get out and have fun!

Trish (Tiny Trish)

I’m a multitasking – multifunction, adorable, sweet, tender kissing, tail wagging workaholic. I enjoy going to work every week bringing cheer & smiles visiting patients, volunteers, nurses/doctors at our local Hospice House. At home I am known as the “Ginger Lynn of Whippets” because I work hard at relaxing too.

Daytona (Miss Checkered Flag at the Beach)

I added Daytona to my family to assist Eagle with his social issues and help him develop self-confidence. She has done just that! Whether they are cuddling in the sun together or romping in the backyard, they are truly a bonded pair. In addition to helping Eagle out, she is also an endless source of both laughter and disasters which makes her even more special.

Presley (Whippoorwills Glen Catrine)

I believe I should be in consideration for the “Idle” position, as it is my favorite position! After a day of running, gaiting, stacking, standing, free-baiting, giving ears, throwing expressionful eyes…WHEW…I can’t wait to get back to Idling. Besides, how could one NOT love my “come hither “ soulful whippet eyes.

Stix (Poeta's Divine Design)

Stix is the perfect whippet idol because she is multi-talented, something every idol should be. She does it all: racing, flyball, obedience, frisbee, tricks, agility, and sledding; and all that at only one year-old!!! She is fearless and does it like a pro! Vote for Stix, your whippet idol.

Jitterbug (Quixand Feel the Beat SORCII RCH)

I don't have TIME for more than fifty words, tending SEVEN squealing pups while baby-daddy is off chasing jackrabbits, doing crunches like crazy to lose these MAMMARIES and get my abs and thighs back before racing season is in full swing. I am the modern, career whippet...the perfect Idol.

Stevie (Can Ch Lynallans Go Your Own Way)

I am fun, friendly, outgoing, fun to be with, snuggly, cute, a good public speaker, and I can demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field. If I were to win, I would do my best to be a good spokeswhippet to teach the world that all Whippets need to be Idols!

Lucy (Lucy Picogna DM BBWE)

Move over plus sized models; I am Luscious, Utterly-Adora-Bull, Cattywhompus, Yumtious! I am the double muscled, big beautiful whippet extraordinaire! I can surf...counters, that is! My sport... agility. I glide, weave, and leap to capture provisions! My motto... Beauty is skin deep and in the eyes of the beholder!

Mink (FC Marinja's I Did A Bad Bad Thing)

I feel "I" should be the next Whippet Idol because "I" represent. I love to chase bunnies (living or plastic). I live with my Mom and brother, but I rule, I can out run, out couch and out cute all of them. I also have my human fans, mostly men who absolutely adore me.

Tacy (Tacy Miyuki Burbach)

In honor of the presidential election, I thought I’d make promises I don’t intend to keep.

1. Real live bunnies at all racing and coursing events!
2. Everyday will be beautiful! You’ll never again have to poo when it’s raining and 33° outside, while your human gets a dry room in the house.
3. Human food for everyone!!


Anonymous said...

O LadyBug my love, do you think you or your Mom can fix the voting thingy so everyone in the world can't see who has the most votes?
You know how people are they want to do what everyone else does. Not like us whippers with a mind of our own.

Thanks, Your Fella,


Anonymous said...

Hey Bug,
I thought I was a sure winner of this contest until I saw all the lovely whippet girls and handsome whippet boys. How talented they all are too! For the next game show, can we play LOVE CONNECTION?