Monday, March 31, 2008

Whippet Idol Winners

Over 150 wonderful whippets entered the contest - through the random drawing from the food bowl I narrowed it down to our Top 20 - essays were written and your votes chose the Top 10 - fun bios were submitted and the voting began again. The campaigning for votes was fast and furious - old friends were contacted and new friends were made. Like all contests we had some ups and downs - x-rated photos of Tiny Trish were discovered on the Internet, some voting irregularities occurred, and lawyers were consulted. But we carried on and here are your results:

Introducing your whippet idols for 2008, drum roll please........

George and Snickers - a big congratulations to both of these awesome whippets and their families.

And similar to the turtle prize at race meets, I would also like to announce that the two whippets with the lowest amount of votes will also be receiving prizes. The winners of the bug prize (squeaky stuffed bugs) are: Ace and Jitterbug.

Thanks to all who participated. The four winners need to send their address to me at whipknits @ gmail. com (remove spaces) so I can have my Mom send out the prizes.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Whippet Idol Top Ten - VOTE NOW

Here they are -- the 2008 Whippet Idol finalists.

The Boys (in alphabetical order):


Nicknames: BooBoo, Bubba boy

Favorite foods: people sweets, cookies and donuts

Who plays me in my movie: Robin Williams for his always happy, caring, yet funny personality

Movie theme song: Happy Feet movie soundtrack

Nicknames: Puppy Dawg, Cuddle Bug, Fetchaholic

Favorite foods: popcorn, velveeta cheese

Who plays me in my movie: Orlando Bloom

Movie theme song: All I Wanna Do (Is Have Some Fun) by Sheryl Crow



Nicknames: Georgie-Pordge, Curious George, Whipp-key (half whippet/half monkey)

Favorite foods: Anything -- really. Oink. Oink. Could be cheap treats from Walmart or the best cuts of steak

Who plays me in my movie: Matthew McConaughey. He's Mr. Cool, with rippling muscles, stunning looks, pretty goofy, show-off and a BIG flirt. He loves the ladies!

Movie theme song: Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys for the intro and Speed Racer cartoon song for the ending



Nicknames: Pan, Pan Da Man Da Woo, Herbie the Lovebug

Favorite foods: prime tenderloin of beef lightly seasoned with fresh garlic & rosemary, topped with a wild mushroom duxelle, imprisoned and baked in fine leaves of puff pastry, served with a melange of baby vegetables, braised pearl onions, crimini mushrooms and sauce perigourdine

Who plays me in my movie: Rudolph Valentino

Movie theme song: Lover Boy by Supertramp

photos by Lindsey Lobree



Nicknames: Bubba, Big Boy, Handsome

Favorite food: oatmeal cookies

Who plays me in my movie: Robert Redford (another good-looking redhead like myself)

Movie theme song: The Gambler by Kenny Rogers


The Girls (in alphabetical order)


Nicknames: daJitz, Jitterbrat, Ditzy Jitzy, Doodlebug

Favorite food: scrambled egg with butter on milktoast

Who plays me in my movie: I think...the young star of Juno...Ellen Page

Movie theme song: Well, would have to be Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go) by Wham, 'cause they keep saying my name!



Nickname: Lulu

Favorite food: peanut butter on anything

Who plays me in my movie: Seabiscuit, the race horse, would star in my biography. He is an inspiration to Whippets like me!

Movie theme song: Beautiful by Christine Aguilera would be my theme song. "I am; no matter what they say."



Nicknames: Snick Snicks, Snickabee, Knickers

Favorite food: oatmeal bowl lickings

Who plays me in my movie: Hilary Swank

Movie theme song: Chariots of Fire by Vangelis



Nicknames: Stixie, Stixie Chick, Stixie Poo, Whimp, and Drama Queen

Favorite food: Yuck- food. I have to watch my figure, can't eat much.

Who plays me in my movie: I would be Audrey Hepburn because I am very elegant, sophisticated, caring, but tough when I have to be

Movie theme song: No More Drama by Mary J. Blige



Nicknames: Tiny Trish, Tiny One, Ginger Lynn of Whippets (aka GLOW), Trish Lynn, Nasty Girl

Favorite food: pasta with parmesan cheese

Who plays me in my movie: Sharon Stone would be the actress to play me for her “racy/risqué” movies and for her devotion to charity work

Movie theme song: Brick House by The Commodores. "She's a brick house, she's mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out"

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Grandpa is MACH-a-licious

I am very proud to announce that this weekend my Grandpa - Poet - got his MACH title in agility. He is now known as:

MACH Windwalker Born in the USA, WRChX2, ORC, CD, RE, AgX, AgNJ, AVX

My Grandpa is pretty awesome at whatever he tries his paw at. Of course, he did not do this alone and lots of kudos and congrats go to his Mom - Louise. I like Louise a lot too cause she let me eat off her plate once - yum!

This MACH title is a pretty big deal. In order to get one you have to earn about a bazillion of these things called Qs and you have to get two of them at a time. And not only that, but you also have to get a googleplex of points. It looks to me like it is pretty fun - you get to jump over lots of stuff and run real fast.

I am bursting with pride about my Grandpa - he is one of the coolest whippets around.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whippet Idol Finalist Announcement

It was a tight competition up until the end and now all the votes are counted and here are your Whippet Idol Top 10:

The boys (in alphabetical order)
  • Ace
  • Alex
  • George
  • Panther
  • Wager
The girls (in alphabetical order)
  • Jitterbug
  • Lucy
  • Snickers
  • Stix
  • Trish
Thanks so much to all of the participants so far. We had over 800 people vote in the first round. For those that didn't make the Top 20 or the Top 10, I look forward to seeing you again at the next round of auditions.

Here is what will happen next:

Each member of the Top 10 needs to send the following information to whipknits @ (remove spaces) by Monday, March 24th at 3pm EST.

Two photos of your choice (if you like you can keep the round 1 photo and just send in one other) - jpeg format please, small file preferred.

Your answers to the following questions:
  • Call name
  • Nickname(s)
  • Favorite food
  • If they made a movie about your life which Hollywood star (canine or human) would play the role of you?
  • What would be the theme song of your movie?
Here are Bug's responses as an example
  • Call name: Ladybug
  • Nicknames: Bug, Buggle, Nutball
  • Favorite food: raw hamburger
  • Sarah Jessica Parker would play me in my movie
  • My theme song is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Voting for the final round will begin on Tuesday, March 25th (details to follow). One boy and one girl from the Top 10 will be chosen as the 2008 winners of Ladybug's Whippet Idol. Thanks again to everyone for their participation.


Please note I will be away at a coursing event this weekend with no access to e-mail until Sunday evening. So please be patient if you e-mail me a question and don't receive an immediate response.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whippet Idol Contestants - The Girls

Thanks everyone for joining in for my Whippet Idol contest. Below are the photos and essays for the girl whippets in the Top 20. Please note that I cannot read or count so my Mom had to do a bit of editing to try and make the essays 50 words or less, but some are still a few words over. Also for those that sent in the info, I have put the photo credit. If you feel that any information in this post is incorrect - please e-mail me at whipknits @ gmail. com (remove spaces) and I will try to remedy the situation. The girls are listed below in the random order that they were picked out of the food bowl.


I am a senior whippet with great wisdom. I have tried my paw at many venues ably handling my human and teaching her to live life fully, laugh, and make forever friends. Representing whippetdom, I’d spread the word about versatility encouraging whippets and their humans to get out and have fun!

Trish (Tiny Trish)

I’m a multitasking – multifunction, adorable, sweet, tender kissing, tail wagging workaholic. I enjoy going to work every week bringing cheer & smiles visiting patients, volunteers, nurses/doctors at our local Hospice House. At home I am known as the “Ginger Lynn of Whippets” because I work hard at relaxing too.

Daytona (Miss Checkered Flag at the Beach)

I added Daytona to my family to assist Eagle with his social issues and help him develop self-confidence. She has done just that! Whether they are cuddling in the sun together or romping in the backyard, they are truly a bonded pair. In addition to helping Eagle out, she is also an endless source of both laughter and disasters which makes her even more special.

Presley (Whippoorwills Glen Catrine)

I believe I should be in consideration for the “Idle” position, as it is my favorite position! After a day of running, gaiting, stacking, standing, free-baiting, giving ears, throwing expressionful eyes…WHEW…I can’t wait to get back to Idling. Besides, how could one NOT love my “come hither “ soulful whippet eyes.

Stix (Poeta's Divine Design)

Stix is the perfect whippet idol because she is multi-talented, something every idol should be. She does it all: racing, flyball, obedience, frisbee, tricks, agility, and sledding; and all that at only one year-old!!! She is fearless and does it like a pro! Vote for Stix, your whippet idol.

Jitterbug (Quixand Feel the Beat SORCII RCH)

I don't have TIME for more than fifty words, tending SEVEN squealing pups while baby-daddy is off chasing jackrabbits, doing crunches like crazy to lose these MAMMARIES and get my abs and thighs back before racing season is in full swing. I am the modern, career whippet...the perfect Idol.

Stevie (Can Ch Lynallans Go Your Own Way)

I am fun, friendly, outgoing, fun to be with, snuggly, cute, a good public speaker, and I can demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field. If I were to win, I would do my best to be a good spokeswhippet to teach the world that all Whippets need to be Idols!

Lucy (Lucy Picogna DM BBWE)

Move over plus sized models; I am Luscious, Utterly-Adora-Bull, Cattywhompus, Yumtious! I am the double muscled, big beautiful whippet extraordinaire! I can surf...counters, that is! My sport... agility. I glide, weave, and leap to capture provisions! My motto... Beauty is skin deep and in the eyes of the beholder!

Mink (FC Marinja's I Did A Bad Bad Thing)

I feel "I" should be the next Whippet Idol because "I" represent. I love to chase bunnies (living or plastic). I live with my Mom and brother, but I rule, I can out run, out couch and out cute all of them. I also have my human fans, mostly men who absolutely adore me.

Tacy (Tacy Miyuki Burbach)

In honor of the presidential election, I thought I’d make promises I don’t intend to keep.

1. Real live bunnies at all racing and coursing events!
2. Everyday will be beautiful! You’ll never again have to poo when it’s raining and 33° outside, while your human gets a dry room in the house.
3. Human food for everyone!!

Whippet Idol Contestants - The Boys

Thanks everyone for joining in for my Whippet Idol contest. Below are the photos and essays for the boy whippets in the Top 20. Please note that I cannot read or count so my Mom had to do a bit of editing to try and make the essays 50 words or less, but some are still a few words over. Also for those that sent in the info, I have put the photo credit. If you feel that any information in this post is incorrect - please e-mail me at whipknits @ gmail. com (remove spaces) and I will try to remedy the situation. The boys are listed below in the random order that they were picked out of the food bowl.

Afrika (Corandy Obsession Can Am FCh)

I deserve to be the Whippet Idol because I have the Best Ears in the World. With them I can hear a crumb hit the floor from the other side of the house. I also deserve to be Whippet Idol because I went to the vet's and got tutored so now I am the happiest guy in the world and love everyone.

Ace (Licketysplit Face the Wind)

I was born a lover. It was love at first sight. Everything I do, I do it with my "Love of Life Personality". I am a very handsome whippet. Although if you met me, you'll agree it’s not just my looks that win you over. It’s my heart.

George (George Rudd)

People can’t resist my sweet face and “happy butt.” My absolute favorite activities are flyball and couch-jumping. In flyball, I’ve even beaten the world’s fastest time, but dropped the ball – darn! I have adoring fans - even non-whippet people love unexpected hops in the lap and licks on the nose.

Pistol (Blarneystone's Y-Notz Top Gun SRM OTR)

My name is Pistol. I am a 4 year-old boy who races, but I should say I have trouble getting too far away from my Mum so I just straight race with my Mom at the finish line, after all I'm her #1 boy!! I'm really just a big softie.

Panther (Notorious Poeta Pantera WRChX, SORC, CD, RE, AX, AXJ, ADC, AgN, AgNJ, AV)

One word: LOVE. I LOVE everyone and everything! Puppies, people, the ladies, cleaning my friends' ears, beer & pizza, even the mailman! Mom calls me "Herbie the LOVE Bug" because my goal in life is to let everyone know how much I LOVE them. I am the next Whippet Idol because to know me is to LOVE me.

Wager (Ch Dengayles Place Your Bets)

Hey! I believe I have the characteristics of the perfect WHIPPET IDOL. I’m the ultimate mama’s boy, love to nap in the sun, and roll in stinky stuff! Plus, I’m very very good looking, especially with my “battle scar” from fighting that evil groundhog. Chicks dig scars. Vote for ME!!!

Alex (Spirit of Blue Lightning)

What makes me, Alex, a Whippet Idol? I believe it’s my exceptional fetching talents (ball and frisbee) combined with my incredible cuddling capabilities, sweet and loving disposition, remarkable running speed, sleek and striking rare blue coat, and handsome looks!! Oh… and I’m also a hit with the ladies!!

Calvin (Multi BIMBS UKC CH, AKC CH Templar Dir T Whisk E River)

Hi, my name is Calvin. You can see by my name that I am multi-talented. I even started lure coursing last fall. It was so much fun. My favorite things to do are to run, play, run, cuddle, and do anything with my mom and dad.
Photo by Laurie Erickson

Drambuie (Hound Hill Fire Water OTRM2 CRX2 ARX TRP FCh)

I Am A Race Dog!! I know you see the name, and you think show dog. My Mom always tells everyone I give 110%, and I think that must be pretty good, because I can see the pride in her eyes. I am 8 now. As Idol, I'll work to train youngsters.

Toby (BISS Can Ch Dreamwindz Howdoya Like Me Now)

I am a true Whip-pet. Independent until I need my servants to let me out or feed me. Love to cuddle but take it one step further and wrap myself around my servants’ necks. Very wise when it comes to escaping hence the agility of a Whippet. I'm also very fast.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A short post

Just checking in with you all to say that I had a nice relaxing day today and I did not destroy a single thing. I am busy putting the finishing touches on the first round of my whippet idol contest so get ready for some fun.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank You Al Gore

Thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet and thank you Mr. Blog for inventing blogs and thank you Blogger for hosting blogs - it is all because of this blog of mine that I think I did not get killed today. And I say this because I was a very bad girl but my evil doings made for good photos and a good story to post to my blog, so I got a reprieve for now.

This is what I did today - I destroyed the old comfortor that was covering the new chair

I destuffed it and threw the stuffing all around.

Please don't think that Pixie didn't help - she is the one who pulled it off the chair in the first place. But here she is trying to look innocent

It was an old comfortor anyway, so I really don't see what the big deal is and I can't say that given another chance I wouldn't do exactly the same thing. OK, enough writing, must go back to tossing stuffing around.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Here they Are America Your Top 20 Whippet Idol Contestants

81 girls and 80 boys was the final count of contestants at the open casting auditions. Contestants were sorted by sex and names were placed in food bowls. Names were mixed 20 times to the left, 20 times to the right, and tossed about randomly for 20 seconds. A short break was taken to kill a stuffed toy and then the drawing of the names began. The accounting firm of Pixie & Bug, LLC oversaw the entire process. (I have some photos but Blogger is not letting me upload them right now.)

Here are the top 10 boys and the top 10 girls. There are also 3 alternate boys and 3 alternate girls in case any of the top 20 have to drop out. They are in order of how they were drawn.

  1. Afrika
  2. Ace
  3. George
  4. Pistol
  5. Panther (yes, this is Bug's Dad but he will get no preferential treatment)
  6. Wager
  7. Alex
  8. Calvin
  9. Drambuie
  10. Toby
Alternates - 1. Sgetti, 2. Lancelot, 3. Lic666

  1. Snickers
  2. Tiny Trish
  3. Daytona
  4. Presley
  5. Stix
  6. Jitterbug
  7. Stevie
  8. Lucy
  9. Mink
  10. Tacy
Alternates - 1. Chai, 2. Dali, 3. Kira

Next Steps -

All whippets mentioned above need to send in a photo (head shot preferred, jpeg please and not a huge file size) and a very short essay (50 words or less) answering the following question: What makes you a Whippet Idol?

Please send to whipknits @ gmail. com (remove spaces). All photos and essays must be received by Wednesday, March 12th Midnight EST. If for some reason you have decided not to participate, please let me know so that an alternate can be chosen. Photos and essays will be posted on Thursday and voting will begin (details to follow).

Thanks everyone for participating and we are looking forward to a fun contest.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Whippet Idol update

Less than 3 hours to go for the initial open casting call.

As of now, we have:

81 girls and 80 boys.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the 20 finalists are.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am a baby race dog in training

Today we were supposed to be at a race meet but it got cancelled due to bad weather. Instead I got to play dress up. Here I am in my racing gear.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Thumbs Are Overrated

Humans, well primates in general, go around all the time talking about how great it is to have thumbs. Thumbs can do this and thumbs can do that. Thumbs, thumbs, thumbs. Thumbs, they say, are what separate us from other species. Thumbs, they say, allow them to do all sorts of incredible things - cut down trees or build atomic bombs, for example. These thumbs of theirs are responsible for closing millions of crate doors and pulling on thousands of choke collars. Thumbs, thumbs, stinkin' thumbs. Well I say - who needs thumbs?! I can do everything I want and more with the teeth and the four thumbless paws that I have.

Here is a perfect example - today my good friend the UPS man arrived with a package. Using my nose (superior to all primate noses) I figured out that the box contained something for me - dog food.

I then set to work on getting my cute little snout into the box to find the food. Knowing that it was a rainy day and my Mom was busy working, I figured she would let me have a little fun. I saw that statement written on the box "do not use sharp objects to open," but I ignored it. I used my extra sharp teeth (better than human teeth).

And voila!!! Within a few minutes I had made a nice-sized hole in the box and pulled out the bubble paper (which I saved for later destruction).

Well, at this point, my Mom did step in and I was unable to continue. But anyway - I did all this without thumbs. Let me say it again - I did all that without thumbs. So you can take your thumbs, I will stick with my teeth and thumbless paws. Thank you very much.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ladybug's Whippet Idol UPDATE

The entries are coming in fast and furious. We have whippets from all over the world. Whippets of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. We have bedhogs, racing champions, showdogs, coursing fanatics, Best in Show winners, whippets who do tricks, whippets who don't, hole diggers, frisbee catchers, treat buriers, flyballers, and even some whippets who actually sing.

As of a moment ago, here is the count:

Boys - 61
Girls - 61

Auditions are open until Midnight EST on Sunday, March 9th.

I am busy thinking up fun things for each round of the contest. For those of you whippets who don't like to write, it won't be all essays - I promise.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ladybug's Whippet Idol

I am going to be hosting a Whippet Idol competition right here on my blog.

Here is how it will work. If you are a whippet and would like to be included in the initial auditions please post a comment here with your name and whether you are a boy or a girl. The initial casting will be open until Sunday, March 9th at Midnight EST. Multiple whippets from the same household are eligible to compete in the open casting.

Monday morning the boy whippet names and the girl whippet names will be separated and put into a food bowl (that was Pixie's idea). My human representative will pick 10 boy whippets’ and 10 girl whippets’ names. (Sadly, Pixie and I will not be eligible to compete).

I will then announce the 20 finalists right here on this blog. At that time each finalist will have a couple of days (more details to come) to send in a current photo and a very short (50 words or less) statement on why they should be Whippet Idol.

I will post the photos and statements here and the voting will begin. At the moment, the details for the voting have not quite been all figured out, but I want to assure you that it will be a fair process.

There will be a boy winner and a girl winner who will each receive a prize and of course the fame and notoriety that comes along with being the Whippet Idol.

So come on whippets and join Ladybug's Whippet Idol.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Help, my Mom is trying to brainwash me. The other night the TV was on - I thought we were going to watch American Idol, so I settled in and got ready for some singing. Then the next thing I know, there is this guy on the TV and he is talking about calm submissive something or other and telling these people to be the pack leader.

I had to go get a closer look and see what was going on. There was a poor, terrified dog sitting there trying to be good. I could see it in his eyes. They were trying to brainwash him too.

Well I don't buy it. I won't be brainwashed. I walked away from the TV. Here is what I think of the dog whisperer.

Stay strong my canine brothers and sisters. Don't let this guy fool you.