Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whippet Idol Finalist Announcement

It was a tight competition up until the end and now all the votes are counted and here are your Whippet Idol Top 10:

The boys (in alphabetical order)
  • Ace
  • Alex
  • George
  • Panther
  • Wager
The girls (in alphabetical order)
  • Jitterbug
  • Lucy
  • Snickers
  • Stix
  • Trish
Thanks so much to all of the participants so far. We had over 800 people vote in the first round. For those that didn't make the Top 20 or the Top 10, I look forward to seeing you again at the next round of auditions.

Here is what will happen next:

Each member of the Top 10 needs to send the following information to whipknits @ (remove spaces) by Monday, March 24th at 3pm EST.

Two photos of your choice (if you like you can keep the round 1 photo and just send in one other) - jpeg format please, small file preferred.

Your answers to the following questions:
  • Call name
  • Nickname(s)
  • Favorite food
  • If they made a movie about your life which Hollywood star (canine or human) would play the role of you?
  • What would be the theme song of your movie?
Here are Bug's responses as an example
  • Call name: Ladybug
  • Nicknames: Bug, Buggle, Nutball
  • Favorite food: raw hamburger
  • Sarah Jessica Parker would play me in my movie
  • My theme song is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Voting for the final round will begin on Tuesday, March 25th (details to follow). One boy and one girl from the Top 10 will be chosen as the 2008 winners of Ladybug's Whippet Idol. Thanks again to everyone for their participation.


Please note I will be away at a coursing event this weekend with no access to e-mail until Sunday evening. So please be patient if you e-mail me a question and don't receive an immediate response.

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