Monday, March 3, 2008

Pixie Has Her Say

OK, people - this is Pixie - I am hijacking this blog today. Enough talk of playing, running, frolicking, squirrel-eating, etc. Today we are going to talk about something important - giving back. First let me say that I am a certified Delta Pet Partner and I have worked both with patients in a hospital and children at the library. I love to do good things and make people happy. Volunteering with your pet is a great thing to do, here are a couple of sites to check out if you are interested:

Delta Society
Therapy Dogs International
READ Program

On the topic of giving back - there is one issue that my Mom is really concerned about and that is people who need glasses but cannot afford them. Last year, my Mom's glasses broke in half and she did not have a spare pair because they were too expensive. She ended up walking around with her glasses all taped up until she could get a new pair. As sighthounds, Bug and I are also concerned about vision. It is our wish that every human would have eyesight good enough to see a rabbit running 100 yards away or be able to spot a teeny tiny crumb of food across the room.

Here is a great organization that you can support:

New Eyes for the Needy

You can of course send them cash, but they also take donations of used glasses, hearing aids, jewelry, etc. I know that you must have some old sunglasses or other glasses sitting around the house. Why wait for your puppy to chew them up, instead send them to New Eyes for the Needy and they will recycle them.

Another organization that we just learned about last night from a segment of 60 Minutes is:

Remote Area Medical

They provide no cost health care in the US and abroad. This includes medical, dental and vision care.

Thanks for reading and I hope you take the time to do some giving back.


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