Monday, March 24, 2008

My Grandpa is MACH-a-licious

I am very proud to announce that this weekend my Grandpa - Poet - got his MACH title in agility. He is now known as:

MACH Windwalker Born in the USA, WRChX2, ORC, CD, RE, AgX, AgNJ, AVX

My Grandpa is pretty awesome at whatever he tries his paw at. Of course, he did not do this alone and lots of kudos and congrats go to his Mom - Louise. I like Louise a lot too cause she let me eat off her plate once - yum!

This MACH title is a pretty big deal. In order to get one you have to earn about a bazillion of these things called Qs and you have to get two of them at a time. And not only that, but you also have to get a googleplex of points. It looks to me like it is pretty fun - you get to jump over lots of stuff and run real fast.

I am bursting with pride about my Grandpa - he is one of the coolest whippets around.


Anonymous said...

It is fun. Tell your Mom to take you to agility classes. You will love it.

dog face girls said...

Congrats to your Grampy..My brother Emmitt to BIS this weekend.



4urpets said...

I am glad you explained what MACH represents. Since I know nothing about agility, the only think I undestood was "Windwalker Born in the USA". The rest is Greek to me.

I guess your site is only for Agility?

Anonymous said...

Sage says send congratulations to Poet and Louise. She sends play bows to sweet Panther cause her personal servant Pamela asked her too.