Monday, December 22, 2008

I come from a line of very talented whippets!!!!

2008 was an awesome year for my whippet family. My relatives are very versatile and compete in events that range from straight and oval racing to lure coursing to agility to frisbee to flyball to obedience to couch potato-ing to hot dog eating contests (not really but Pixie made me put that one in here).

Many of my relatives earned their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) titles this year (including Pixie and me). This title shows what well-behaved and friendly whippets we are. We are proud of these titles. Since I got this particular title, I was allowed to volunteer at the nursing home. I sure had a good time visiting with the people there. I like to lick them on their noses and they seemed to enjoy it.

Now as far as other titles go - here is the rundown (in alphabetical order by name):

Cousin King - ORC and NOTRA meet winner, #3 at NOTRA National race meet

Cousin Luther - WRA meet winner

Cousin Martin - NOTRA meet winner

Dad Panther - SORC2, NOTRA National meet winner, NOTRA National Champion (#1), MX, MXJ, AKC Invitational

Uncle Pete – OJ, OA and NF

Grandpa Poet – MACH, AKC Invitational #9 out of 95 dogs, first whippet to reach the finals

Aunt Punky - SORC

Mom Rita - AKC FC

Uncle Shax - #10 WRA, WRA and NAWRA meet winner

Brother Spinner - JC
Aunt Lateeda - CGC

Cousin Trumpet - WRCh and ORC, #6 at NOTRA National race meet

Cousin Whistle - ORC and NOTRA meet winner

(please let me know if I forgot anyone or got any of this wrong)

Pixie and I Met Santa...

and guess what? He drives a tractor. Here we are posing with him. He was very nice and gave us treats. We love Santa - we tried to give our very best ears for the photo.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

I got a present from my boyfriend

A pretty young girl like myself has many boyfriends. They come and they go. But one boy has stood the test of time. My special boyfriend -- Luke. Luke is a handsome whippet boy who knows how to treat a lady right. He showers me with gifts.

Yesterday a box came in the mail. When my Mom opened it there was something all wrapped up inside. Hmm - is that for me? Well, is it? Is it? I think I smell my Lukey-boy.

Once it was unwrapped, I saw that it was a cute, stuffed ladybug. But my Mom put it on the table and told me that it wasn't for me to mess around with. I am a curious type and I didn't believe her, so I had to take a closer look.

Then my Mom gave me the best part of the gift. Luke sure knows what I like. Some delicious wrapping paper to shred up.

Mmmm, mmmm good. Excellent shredding material. I spread it all over the house.

Thanks Luke and also thanks to your Mom, Maggie for helping you to pick out a great gift for me.