Thursday, December 18, 2008

I got a present from my boyfriend

A pretty young girl like myself has many boyfriends. They come and they go. But one boy has stood the test of time. My special boyfriend -- Luke. Luke is a handsome whippet boy who knows how to treat a lady right. He showers me with gifts.

Yesterday a box came in the mail. When my Mom opened it there was something all wrapped up inside. Hmm - is that for me? Well, is it? Is it? I think I smell my Lukey-boy.

Once it was unwrapped, I saw that it was a cute, stuffed ladybug. But my Mom put it on the table and told me that it wasn't for me to mess around with. I am a curious type and I didn't believe her, so I had to take a closer look.

Then my Mom gave me the best part of the gift. Luke sure knows what I like. Some delicious wrapping paper to shred up.

Mmmm, mmmm good. Excellent shredding material. I spread it all over the house.

Thanks Luke and also thanks to your Mom, Maggie for helping you to pick out a great gift for me.

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