Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ladybug's Whippet Idol

I am going to be hosting a Whippet Idol competition right here on my blog.

Here is how it will work. If you are a whippet and would like to be included in the initial auditions please post a comment here with your name and whether you are a boy or a girl. The initial casting will be open until Sunday, March 9th at Midnight EST. Multiple whippets from the same household are eligible to compete in the open casting.

Monday morning the boy whippet names and the girl whippet names will be separated and put into a food bowl (that was Pixie's idea). My human representative will pick 10 boy whippets’ and 10 girl whippets’ names. (Sadly, Pixie and I will not be eligible to compete).

I will then announce the 20 finalists right here on this blog. At that time each finalist will have a couple of days (more details to come) to send in a current photo and a very short (50 words or less) statement on why they should be Whippet Idol.

I will post the photos and statements here and the voting will begin. At the moment, the details for the voting have not quite been all figured out, but I want to assure you that it will be a fair process.

There will be a boy winner and a girl winner who will each receive a prize and of course the fame and notoriety that comes along with being the Whippet Idol.

So come on whippets and join Ladybug's Whippet Idol.


Cheryl said...

Corky, a girl thank you, is already an idol but would like the rest of the world to know as well.

Cheryl said...

Big Mo, also a girl, would like to show up her bossy mom and be named a whippet idol

Cheryl said...

Woot is the baby girl at her house and thinks that being an idol might get her more respect around here.

Anne said...

Melba (Girl) Bella (Girl) and Twix (Boy) would all love to be Whippie Idols!

Wendy said...

Nemo's probably waaay past the age demographic for this but he's definitely "famous" - whatever that's worth. ;-)

Diane said...

Reggie ( Boy ) and Trib ( Boy ) would LOVE to be IDOLS.

Sierra, Bonnie, And Alice ( all girls ) also want their fair shot, too.


Devereux Whippet Girls said...

Prissy, Evie, Truly, & Sashi would like to be Whippet Idols!

M-H said...

Vitesse (female) would like to be a whippet Idol...

Plus, she would also like to enter her 3 best whippet friends: Stix (female), Stretch (male) and Fling (female). :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi There Bug!
I would love to be an idol. My sister, Tula, is always getting attention and I am quite sick of it. I need to show my stuff!

Oh Bug:
Lucy is such a pain. She gets lots of attention. Therefore, I am entering the Whippet Idol contest too. I want to show that I am not just another skinny face!