Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why I Love Pine Cones

I was planning to write about the lunar eclipse tonight but it is snowing and cloudy here in VA so I doubt I will get to see it. Which is a shame cause I was looking forward to it and have been perfecting my howling.

Therefore, today's entry is about the pine cone, probably one of the least blogged about things. I mean who really cares about pine cones, well pine trees do cause they would cease to exist without them. But most creatures (humans especially) could care less about pine cones. I, on the otherhand, am a true
connoisseur of the pine cone.

In fact, pine cones are amazing and I love them. Did you know that pine cones come in male and female varieties? I bet you didn't. Did you know that the arrangement of the scales on pine cones demonstrates the Fibonacci number sequence (look it up - I just did on Wikipedia)? And how about this - some pine cones weigh over 10 pounds and can kill you if they fall on your head.

But really besides all that, here is why I think pine cones are great - they are a freely available, plentiful, portable dog toy and they are full of protein. OK, they really aren't full of protein, probably just a whole lot of fiber and you really shouldn't eat them anyway, but I still love them.

I have been collecting and chewing on pine cones since I was a wee little pup. Here I am back in October 2007 at the tender age of 3.5 months with a North Carolina pine cone. If you are going to chew on pine cones you should start with the best and North Carolina has some awesome cones.

Where I live in Virginia, we have some good pine cones too. Every day when I go out for walks, I make it a priority to find a good pine cone to bring inside and destroy. You can make a really big mess in a very short amount of time with a pine cone (another super cool thing about them).

Pine cones are also nice for those quiet moments when you are relaxing in your crate with the sun shining on you just thinking about how wonderful nature is and how good it is to be alive.

So say it with me - Hooray for pine cones!!!!!

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Ms. Florida Transplant said...

What an odd thing to like! That's hilarous. My boys are partial to edible and sqeakable items.