Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Twin Brother

Yes, it is true - I have a twin brother. Well we aren't real twins like with one egg splitting into two or anything like that but we are from the same litter and we are both red and we both have black masks. Here is a photo of him. His name is Stretch. Don't we look alike? I think he is very handsome. Well of course he is cause he looks like me and I am beautiful. But since he is a boy you gotta say he is handsome.

I don't get to see him too much cause he lives in Canada. It looks real cold where he lives.

In a couple of weeks I am going to see him and I can't wait. I hear he likes to wrestle just like I do. I am looking forward to biting his neck. After our visit, I will post some photos of us together, I bet you won't be able to tell who is who.

OK, gotta go and get ready to watch American Idol.

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Scruffy said...

Hi Ladybug

I dropped by your blog today and just wanted to say Hi. I think your twin brother is quite handsome indeed. I have a brother too. He's not a twin or anything like that. In my opinion he is just pesky. Hope your brother isn't as pesky as mine.

The Mighty Scurff