Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Sister and I Discuss Politics

This is my sister, Nettie. She came to visit me this weekend.

Since it was President's day and we consider ourselves to be two very savvy gals, we got into a heavy discussion about our favorite candidates. We are both supporting the Democratic Party this year even though we aren't going to be old enough to vote (in dog years or human years). Nettie is from New York so she likes Hilary Clinton, I on the other hand consider myself an ObamaPup.

Here I am telling Nettie what a chump I think Clinton is. I mean she has a labrador retriever, how much more common can you get? We need a president who is creative and an innovative thinker.

Well then Nettie informed me that Obama doesn't even have a dog. That made my ears go crazy.

I had to think for a second, but then I remembered that I read in the paper (right before I shredded it) that Obama actually is a dog-person and he has promised his daughters that if he gets into the White House he will get them a dog. Take that Nettie!!

Then we agreed to disagree and got down to the important business of relaxing.

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dog face girls said...

Ha! Maybe you two should do the debate..