Sunday, February 17, 2008

My First Post

Hello World,

I'm Bug and this is my blog -- my first real time using technology, well that is if you don't count chewing on computer wires or standing on the DVD player. Anyway, I heard that a blog is a good way to share my thoughts and opinions about everything and anything. And I really do have a lot of thoughts, cause I am always thinking -- thinking up funny things to do that will make people smile.

Some of the funny things I do have been caught on video and you can check them out on YouTube. Here is a link to some of my latest kooky antics Bug Loves Pajamas

I lead a very busy life of sleeping, eating, chewing on inappropriate items, sleeping, running at the park, bothering Pixie, sleeping, eating, dragging pajamas around the house, sleeping, taunting Pixie, and sleeping some more but I will try to post something each day, so come on back and look.



Celeste said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Bug!

Rego said...

I like yer blg, Bug!
~Luv, Lic

thubbs said...

What up, Dog? Glad to see your blog! I'll be checking it regularly from the land of smog...

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely Bug! We will be sure to keep "track" of what you are up to.

Red and the Winds Greyhounds

dog face girls said...

Hey Bug,

You sure are a cutie.


bedouinebabe said...

I wonder if you couldn't just have Bug write your dissertation? She seems well launched into her literary career :-P

Aniemother said...

Yay! Welcome to the world of blogs, Bug!

The WriggleButts

Anonymous said...

Hey Bug,

I really liked those dog's pajamas!


Patty said...

Bug, you are super cute!!!!
Patty and the boys..

Panther said...

What are you doing with four boyfriends at your age young lady???
Your concerned dad