Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am an athlete

Yes folks - I am an athlete. And this being the case I need to treat my body right so that it won't fail me when I push it to its limits on the track. Many professional human athletes have personal trainers and all kinds of fancy stuff to keep them in shape. I have a yard and a Pixie.

My Mom has finally gotten a clue about what it takes to have an athlete like me around. Thus I have been getting massages from a super special lady named Mary Pat- you can find out more about her HERE.

At first I was not so sure about these massage thingies, I thought it might be a fancy human word for toenail clipping. But let me tell you, I was so so wrong. Massage basically means that you get petted all over. And at the end you get a treat. I mean how cool is that? Pretty darn cool.


houndstooth said...

Oh, I do love a good massage! Dad went to class and learned how to do it so he could give them to me. It's just heavenly!


Confessions of a Recovering Couch Potato said...

I love, love, love getting a massage! Too bad for me my massage lady (Miss You Deb) had back surgery and I don't get them anymore.