Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vote for Pixie and Me

Hey all,

Not sure if this link will work but if you are on Facebook - you should click HERE and vote for the adorable photo of Pixie and me sleeping all snuggled up together. All you have to do to vote is click the "like" button or add a comment about how awesome we are.

If the link doesn't work then you can do the following:

-go to the Bark Magazine Facebook page
-go to the Photos tab
-open the album called Dozing Dogs Part 2
-go to page 9 - Pix and me are the last photo on that page

So listen - we can win a new dog bed. We REALLY need a new dog bed cause we have a sister coming and we only have like 10 different beds to choose from, so come on people - VOTE FOR US.

If you really love us, you will VOTE.



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