Thursday, June 10, 2010


Does anyone out there know what it means when your Mom says you are getting a "sister"? What is this thing these humans call "sister"? I have been talking to Pixie about it and we came up with 10 options -

1. a sister is some kind of delicious food. something that tastes like a combination of green tripe and bacon and almonds

2. a sister is some kind of squeaky toy that you can chase in the yard and carry around in your mouth

3. a sister is a crunchy treat that Mom throws in the air and expects you to catch but instead you let it fall on the floor and eat it from there

4. a sister is a new kind of bed to sleep in, possibly a bed that is even more comfy than the pita bed

5. a sister is a kind of car that you go in to get to fun stuff like race meets

6. a sister is a kind of ball that bounces real high and is fun to chase

7. a sister is a sharp thing that they stick you with at the vet and it hurts and makes you want to bite their face off

8. a sister is a device for cutting your toenails otherwise known as a torture device and outlawed in several countries around the globe

9. a sister is a plant that grows in the yard and has delicious unripe fruit that is real good for eating

10. a sister is some new method of blocking off the kitchen so that Pixie can't steal food from the counter and then share it with me

So some of these options don't sound too bad and if it is one of those then Pix and I are eagerly awaiting this thing called "sister". WE REALLY REALLY HOPE IT ISN'T ONE OF THE BAD OPTIONS.

But from the way Mom seems to talk to us about it, it seems like a "sister" is a good thing.

I will keep you posted on what we find out in the great "sister" mystery.


houndstooth said...

Oooooo! *leaps up off the couch* I know what a sister is! I have two of those! Will yours have two legs or four? Generally, they are good things to have around!


LTD said...

Whoa ……..LB you just night like that little sister “thang”. My mom said the samething. I got all excited thinking something for me. She kept saying I would love playing with this “sister thang”. I kept getting excited thinking could I have it already. Well let me tell you… had four legs and sharp teeth and bothers me all the time. Mom won’t help. She just says what goes around comes around. Whatever that means. Call
me LB when “it” arrives I will tell you more.