Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today seemed like a good day to kill stuff

Usually when Pix and I go out in the yard - I leave the killing to her. I mostly just munch on grass, steal blueberries from the bushes, jump in the air to grab plums, you know - just regular old vegetarian-type activities. It is so much easier to let Mom prepare the meats than actually trying to kill something myself. Plus when Pixie kills stuff in the yard, they seem to stop moving around and rodents are so much less interesting when they are not moving.

But in a couple of weeks, I will be three years old and I guess some forgotten part of my brain just kicked in. Cause today when I went out in the yard - wahoooza - GAME ON. I was ready to kill some shit.

I ran down the stairs and to my joy and surprise a cardinal was making its way to the feeder and it had decided to take a route that involved flying a couple of feet over my head. No problem for me - I can jump like a freakin' kangaroo on steroids. So up I jumped and snagged that red bird right out of the sky. Then I dropped it cause well, I will admit, I wasn't sure what to do then. But Pixie knew what to do, so she ran over and crunched that bird right up.

*****Even though I put this on my blog - people - please do not spread this news all around. I mean the cardinal is the state bird of Virginia and Pix and I might get in trouble. So lets keep it on the downlow.******

Now back to my story. Just a couple of moments later I was heading toward the crazy tree to dig up some worms and seriously it was just like that game Wack-a-Mole. This ugly little thing popped its head up out of the ground and bam - I was on it. Yep, I wacked that mole for sures. But then I spit that thing out - GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. That ugly little thing tasted like crap. Well not like crap, cause I like to eat crap. Hmm, it tasted like ummm, you know - it tasted really BAD.

Pixie came on over to see what was up and I was all like "Pixie I killed a mole - why don't you eat it?" So she picked it up, but she spit it out too. Wow - see it does taste bad, even Pixie wouldn't eat it and really, people, she will eat anything.

So there you have it. Today I went on a killing spree in the yard. And it was FUN.

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houndstooth said...

Wow! You have become a mighty huntress! I am all shades of impressed!