Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Top 5 - Reasons I don't feel like blogging today

1. I can't be inside the cave bed and typing on the computer at the same time
2. I think I may have run out of things to say
3. Well actually no, but maybe I have too many things to say so I can't decide
4. Pixie says blogging is for sissies
5. Sometimes I think nobody reads my blog anyway, so why bother


Hiking Hounds said...

Dear Ladybug,

I read your blog all the time and love it. Especially your racing photos because you look very fast.

PeachMelba said...

We read your blog everyday Bug! The girls love all of your pictures and stories!

Jax said...

Hey Bug! You've got fans!

-Jax the IG (and his human, Sheryl)

Jax said...

Hey Bug! You've Got Fans! I read your blog every day!

-Jax the Italian Greyhound (and his human, Sheryl)

Neil said...

I read your blog all the time too. Dont stop.