Saturday, April 10, 2010

Suicidal Stupid Bunnies

Saw a real live bunny this morning but that darn thing was outside of the fence. Must have been one of those semi-smart bunnies. Pixie wants to know where all the suicidal, stupid bunnies are. The ones that were here last year. I told her that she killed them. She just sighed and went to eat dandelions.

We can only hope that those suicidal stupid bunnies had a chance to mate before Pixie removed them from the forest. Hopefully soon a whole new crop of suicidal stupid bunnies will begin making their way under the fence.

Keep your paws crossed for us. We want to kill some bunnies.

1 comment:

Celeste said...

Be patient...they will come (unless Pixie has been picking them off without letting you know).