Sunday, April 25, 2010

The surrogate bunny

We didn't catch any bunnies last night and anyway, I never catch them - Pixie does. But today Mom made me a surrogate bunny so I could practice my skillz. Come on Mom throw me that bunny.

This bunny is plump and juicy.

Come on bunny lets go somewhere more private. This is what Pixie does so I will do it too.

Next step -- sink your teeth into the bunny.

Then comes that moment when you and the bunny become one. The bunny gets into your head and you get into its head.

It only lasts a moment and then you must give a good shake so that the bunny dies quickly. This is not about bunny torture.

And there you have it. A well-shaken, less plump, dead bunny - ready for eating.

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