Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grandparents visit

Pixie and my grandparents are here visiting for the weekend. But we are not allowed to call them Grandma and Grandpa. That I guess is reserved for human grandchildren (of which they have none but that is another story for someone else's blog). I suppose it doesn't really matter cause, umm, well, we don't speak English, hahahaha and nobody in this house seems to speak canine. So really they have no idea what we are calling them. Maybe if they did they wouldn't like it but that is not the point of this post.

Anyways, they give us a ton of treats, spoil us, let us do whatever we want, don't discipline us, love us to bits, feed us from the table, and then they leave and go back to their house. When they are around we get to eat stuff we have never had before like spaghetti and ice cream. Sometimes we are allowed to jump in the bed with them too. So in reality they pretty much fit the exact definition of grandparents (you know, they are the parents of our Mom and we do get to call her Mom but she doesn't EVER call us her furchildren or furbabies - and I guess that is also a subject for another post as well - maybe Mom is writing about that in her dissertayshun).

Pixie says it is all "semanticks" or something like that. I wonder if we have these semanticks in our back yard? I sure hope not, cause ticks stink and I don't want to get bitten by any crazy semantick or any other kind for that matter.

Pixie is real smart when it comes to this non-grandparent stuff. Especially on how to get the non-grandparents to give us extra treats. Not only has she trained them to give us treats when WE come in from outside but they also give us treats anytime THEY come in from outside. Which really adds up to a whole lot of treats.

Hooray for non-grandparents or whatever you want to call them. We really, really, really love ours.

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