Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top 10 Things About Sleeping with Humans

Tuesday is supposed to be cave bed photo day but today I am reposting something I posted over on Whippet World. This was in response to a human whippet mom who posted the top 10 things humans should know about sleeping with whippets. So here they are my top 10 things a whippet should know about sleeping with humans.

1. humans may look bigger than whippets but really they only need a tiny amount of space in the bed, thus forcing us to pile over near them so we can all stay warm together

2. humans can shrink themselves to fit in all the oddly shaped spaces between whippets and often will stick their foot in your face

3. humans bred whippets to be foot warmers and enjoy having their toes licked while they sleep. don't believe them if they try to tell you otherwise

4. if for some reason you need to wake your human up - you must come out from under the covers and shake your body around violently so that your ears flap loudly. Most important reasons to wake your human up are hunger and the need for love.

5. humans often hog all the covers and whippets need to take matters into their own paws

6. humans are gassy and often force undercover whippets to come out for air

7. humans like for whippets to sleep on top of them, it makes them feel more secure

8. if your human gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you must follow them or they might escape thru the secret bathroom escape hatch

9. humans sometimes feel the need to wrap their arms around you while they sleep - this can be annoying and might force you to move further under the covers

10. try to avoid sticking your cold nose into their private spots, humans don't like this

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