Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crazy Human Stuff

Today I went to tricks class or treats class as I like to call it. It was warm and sunny so we had class outside on a gravel driveway. Here are some reasons why humans (read as my Mom) are crazy:

1. She actually expected me to lay down on gravel
2. She thought I should look at her instead of at the geese flying over by the pond
3. She wanted me to stick my nose in an empty cardboard box -- CRAZEEEE
4. For some reason just sitting is not good enough to get a treat, now I have to do all this other crazy crap
5. She tried to touch my feet - oh no, do not touch my feet bee-yatch
6. She expected me to be happy when the instructor took my leash to demonstrate something - what? Who is this crazy lady? Don't let her take my leash!! I thought you had my back, sigh.
7. She left Pixie at home. I think Pixie would have had a lot of fun in class today.

1 comment:

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