Thursday, January 14, 2010

How does this make any sense?

Humans can be so damn confusing. My Mom has this new guy she is dating. But somehow it is Pixie and I that had to go to the groomers today and get all prettied up. What the heck is that about? We looked fine as we were.

We clean each other's ears all the time -- they were not dirty. And even if they were dirty, that is how we wanted them. Then we can pretend we do not hear the human. What? What did you say? Sorry couldn't hear you through my dirty ears.

We like our nails long. Long nails make a lovely tap tap tappity noise on the kitchen floor. It reminds us we are alive and we are in the kitchen and there are treats to be had. We love that tap tap tappity noise. Now our nails don't touch the floor. It sucks.

Grumble grumble - damn humans.

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