Saturday, January 9, 2010

Circus Bug

Today was the first class of my 6-week tricks training. The training center was pretty nice - lots of grassy areas for me to pee on. They also have an indoor pool - some crazyass golden retriever was actually swimming in it today - it is a bit too cold for me to think about swimming. But I do like to swim (more than Pixie does) so maybe in the summer we will go for a swim.

The class was in a big room in the main house. They had several chairs but in the corner there was actually a small bed - well you guessed it, I hightailed it over to the bed and jumped on up and waited for class to start.

In came the other participants - a big fat rottweiler, a barky little terrier thing, 2 mixed breeds tending toward the shepard look, and a giant german shepard. The german shepard had to go to the other side of the room because its Mom said it didn't like little brown dogs. I tried to explain that I am very nice and also I am red not brown, but whatever.

And then let me tell you the fun began. Out came that clicker thing and the treats were coming faster than I could think. Today's most excellent treat was chicken lunchmeat. It has been a while since I saw or heard that clicker thingy so at first I really had no idea what was expected of me but I kept staring at Mom figuring somehow she would tell me. So I stared right at her and you know what? Every time I stared at her I got a click and a treat. Yay me, I obviously figured that one out.

Then Mom started sticking her hand in front of my face. Hmm, what the heck does that mean? Her hand smelled like chicken so I stuck my nose on it and BAM - click treat babeeee!! Am I a genius or what? Look out circus poodles - Bug is comin' atcha.

I was so chickened up at this point, I got a little sleepy. I was about to jump back up on the bed when from the other side of the room I heard a woman saying - "BUNNY". What? Did I hear her right? Did she just say "BUNNY"? And then she said it again "BUNNY" - awww, shit game on. I tried to take off to go find the bunny but that damn fabric thing around my neck attached to the long ropey thing kept me from getting anywhere. So I looked right into Mom's eyes and there you go - click/treat.

So that is my story. I think I have homework to do this week which means I will be getting lots of treats which is cool. Also, I think Pixie gets to learn the tricks too and I am SURE she will be into getting treats, so it should be a fun week for us.

Don't forget to look for me in the circus real soon. I will be the one doing tricks and eating horseshit.

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