Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pixie and I are good citizens

Yep - last night both Pixie and I passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. You can read all about the CGC program HERE.

I am not really sure what the big deal is. In fact, I have thought up my own test which of course I can pass in my sleep. So how do you think you would do on the Bug Good Citizen test. Here is what you have to do:

1. Make sure that everyone around you has clean ears. Good ear hygiene is of the utmost importance. Clean ears help everyone listen better. So you must spend some time each day cleaning the ears of those around you - both canine and human and even feline if you have one of those around.

2. Rescue poor worms that have been flooded out of their homes. You must find a worm and carry it inside to dry ground. The catch is that you have to carry it inside without killing it. Then you have to deposit the still wiggling worm in a safe, dry spot like the sofa.

3. Keep your area free of pinecones. Pinecones can be hazardous - they are very easy for people to trip over. You must find and destroy all pinecones. Once they are shredded into tiny pieces they cannot hurt anyone.

4. Help your owner stay fit by not fetching. Here is how it works - they throw the ball and you run after it but then you don't bring it back. This way they have to retrieve it and in doing so they get some exercise. If you bring it right back every time, they will just stand still and that is not healthy.

5. Make people smile each day by doing kooky things. There are a lot of different kooky things you can do to satisfy this part of the test. This is your chance to be creative. Extra points are given if you come up with something kooky that I haven't done yet.

There you have it. If you pass you get the coveted BGC title after your name.

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Francarrich from WW said...

Hi Bug & Pixie,
Congratulations on your AKC Good Citizens Awards, I gained the Kennel Club's Bronze level Award back in January. I think your version is a much better one than the boring things I had to do & I think I could pass yours with flying colours!

Wags & licks

Banjo (in UK)