Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Awesome Birthday Weekend

Hooray the blogger thingy decided to let me add the photos.
You would not even believe all the awesome things that happened during my birthday weekend. I really wanted to post a lot of fun photos for you to look at but this darn blogger site is sucking eggs.

For now, you will have to imagine the photos below - no more imagining, here are the photos.

-My delicious birthday dinner made from ground beef, salmon burger, yogurt and almonds

-Me kicking my brother's ass in an oval race. yes indeed - this is the first time i have ever beaten my brother, Demetre. Yay for me.

(photo by Pat Kamar)

-Pixie acting like a clown at the nationals fun match. This is exactly what you are not supposed to do when you are playing showdog. Bad Pixie!! Umm, needless to say Pixie came in last in her class. But I think she should have won a big, fat ribbon for having the most fun at the fun match. I mean why else do they call it a "fun" match if you aren't supposed to have fun.

(photo by Pat Kamar)

-Me staring lovingly into my mom's eyes. I really love my Mom and here it is captured on film for the world to see. Yay for my Mom.

(photo by Pat Kamar)

And here is Pixie in the top ten photo from the WRA nationals. Not all the top ten were there when they took the photo, but Pixie was number 9. Yes, indeed, my older sister Pixie kicked ass and made it into the top ten with some of the fastest dogs in the country.

(photo by Dale Healy)


My Sons Mum said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie, Love xxx Major

Anonymous said...

Pixie is having too much fn!!