Monday, May 26, 2008

Bug's Puppy Racing Debut

This weekend at the Jersey Rag Racers WRA meet, I made my debut in the puppy races. I had a super good time, not a real surprise cause I mostly always have a good time at whatever I do - well not when I get my nails cut but I guess I will leave that for another blog post.

So anyway, I am now all official and stuff as a real race dog, you can even look up my stats on the WRA site, click HERE and type in "Ladybug". I guess I did pretty good at the racing cause my Mom seemed to be really happy and she kept telling me what a good girl I was. I think I even saw her start to get some water in her eyes - which sometimes can be a bad thing with these humans and then again sometimes it is a good thing - humans can be very confusing. Oops, I seem to have gotten off topic again.

I got to run 4 times - 3 times with another puppy. Click HERE to see a video of one of our races- I am the one out in front, yay!!!!!

For the 4th race, I got to run with my Uncle Hercules. He is a pretty speedy guy and I tried my best but I could not get past him. I did beat him out of the box though. I am the one in blue.

I would like to thank Pat at BowWoWware for making my awesome racing blankets in time for my debut and Brian for taking the video and photos and Derrick for taking me to the boxes (I don't want to thank Derrick for making me wear my muzzle though). And lots more thanks to all the folks at JRRWA who put on a great meet for all the whippets.


Simba said...

FUN!! I've tried some racing..I hate being stuffed into the box!!


Purple Whippet said...

Yeah Bug - Quinn's in love...

HJ & The Whippet Gang

Patience-please said...

Good job Bug. We used to get to play with the JRR. Sigh.

wags from the whippets