Monday, March 1, 2010

Pixie rocks

Today I am using my blogspace to give a shout out to my best friend, Pixie. She is the most awesomest racer that I know. This weekend in Jax she ran some fine races, I mean that is what they tell me. I was back in the car and even though I was screaming my head off, I wasn't allowed to watch her race. But I digress, so anyway I was saying that Pixie is freakin' fast. And even though she is old, well maybe not old but triple my age, she still can run with the best of them. On Saturday she came in 4th in the meet. This is a photo of the top 4. The other 3 whippets in this photo are some of the fastest whippets around and Pixie is all up in there with them. I just love my Pixie. She is the best friend a girl like me can have. Hooray for Pixie!!!!

Photo by John Leicht. From L to R - Jitterbug, Zip, Threnody and Pixie

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