Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We interrupt our usual cave bed Tuesday to bring you an important message

My Mom is super famous. She is going to get a Pee Aache Dee or something like that. You can find out all about it at this site - My Mom Is Cool.

There are some photos of Pixie and me on there too. Yay - we are famous.

Oh and it started snowing again - weeeeeeeeeeee.

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Francarrich from WW said...

Just catchin' up with your blog, Bug & readin' 'bout your smarty pants Mom - whooo! don't it make your head whirl knowin' she's workin' so hard to be a phud! Luckily she has time to take you racin' & doin' all the things you enjoy even if she keeps the icecream for herself.. Hope her dissytashun thingy works out OK.

Wags from Banjo & snuffles from Aida.