Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toy recommendations

Lately I have been thinking about toys and how much I love them. I like to squeeze them until they squeak and sleep on top of them and find out what is inside of them and rip them in half and toss them off the bed and put them on Pixie's head and carry them around and put them on Mom's lap while she works and drop them in the water dish and eat the ears off them and toss them in the air and kill them and lovingly groom them and play tug with them and well, I think you get the idea.

Here are some of my favorites - show this page to your humans and maybe they will get you one of these cool toys.

The ring zinger -- very very fun toy

The rock -- oh I love this toy it is just as good as the real rocks that I try to bring in from outside

Udder tugs -- I really recommend this online shop, they donate part of the proceeds to the charity of your choice, I chose whippet rescue but there are many to choose from

Skinneez -- these are soft toys that have no stuffing and they are excellent for tugging and they squeak really loud

Rabbit fur tugs -- this is made from real rabbit fur - need I say more?

And just so you don't think I am some kind of dog toy elitist - I really must say that the best toys of all are the boxes that these toys arrive in and empty water bottles too.

Happy playing!!!!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite toy right now is that Skineeze thing I have the rabbit & the skunk. But that skunk one kinda looks like it might be kin.
I would really like that tuggy toy with the real rabbit fur but my mom won't let me cuz I will eat the fur right up, yum. Well it is her fault since she only feeds me that kind of food she calls "Prey Model"
Congrats on yr points, she is taking me to run in circles this weekend. I do that all the time in the yard so maybe I will be pretty good & maybe I can get her to fall down in red mud, like you did with yours, yeehaw.