Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 ways to drive your human crazy

Yes indeed, I am posting again so soon after yesterday's post and I really do plan on posting every day for a while.

Today's topic is - things to do to drive your human crazy. Here is my list (in no particular order). I bet some of you other blogdogs have stuff that can be added, so send me some comments.

  1. Sleep with your eyes slightly open so the whites are showing - for some reason, this really freaks the humans out.
  2. Always (and I mean always) wake up an hour earlier then your human usually does
  3. When you are awake earlier then your human (which is pretty much always), stand up on the bed and shake, shake, shake; then jump on and off the bed a few times
  4. If your human is still asleep and you are awake (meaning all that shaking and jumping didn't work) - go and lick your human in their ears
  5. Speaking of ear licking - do this as often as you possibly can - the humans hate it
  6. Whine at the door like you need to go outside. Once you get out there, spend the whole time looking for squirrels, then go back inside without doing any "business"
  7. 5 minutes later, whine at the door to go outside again
  8. At least once a week, decide that you don't like a food that you really liked the day before. Make sure this is a food that your human has bought in bulk
  9. When your human has their back to you, start staring at them. Then when they turn around and see you just staring at them, they get all freaked out - it is totally fun - try it.
  10. Sneak things into the house like rocks, acorns, small sticks, and cat poop.


Sarah said...

Hey, I have been reading for a while and find it fun as I have 2 whippets as well. To which they will add:

When your human has turned their back to you, counter surf to snag whatever food they are currently preparing. They hate it!

Anonymous said...

When your mom is alone and you're in the house, stare off into the distance as though you're looking at someone. It really creeps them out if you are looking into another room that your mom can't see into. This is especially fun if your mom is/was a horror flick fan at anytime.

Hazel & Tacy

Francarrich from WW said...

Banjo says:-

Just to REALLY annoy your servant, wait until she is settled comfortably in the armchair / on the settee, or similar circumstances, then seem to be desperate to go outside. Once she has left the room to open the door to the garden jump up in the nice warm spot that she has made for you, curl round comfortably & look totally innocent when she comes back into the room to see where you are!! It works every time 'cos they daren't ignore you just incase you ARE desperate to go out! Hee, hee.

Banjo & Aida.