Sunday, June 15, 2008

AWESOME weekend for some of my brothers

Today, my brother, Stretch won the puppy class at the ADDCO USDDN disc trial in Canada. I am just a puppy so I don't really know what all those letters mean but what I do know is that Stretch really knows how to catch a frisbee and can do some cool tricks too. Stretch's Mom is Pam and she is a real good trainer.

Here is Stretch with his medal - hooray for Stretch!!!! Don't you just love Stretch's ears (heehee).

And my other brother - Demetre - won the puppy race meet at EWA in New Jersey. Hooray for Demetre - I gotta ask my Mom to get his Dad to send her a photo of him in his cute racing blankets.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! His ears are certainly adorable. Love Pixie's "sleeping with the enemy bit too!" - Shawnie